Quilter's Finger Lights

$3.99 $4.99

These excellent small lights fit any finger, pen, pencil or small tool.  Each contains one bright white LED bulb and 3 AG10 batteries .  I think these are fabulous for threading needles, checking to see if there is thread caught in the bobbin case, hand piecing and just about anywhere else you need a bright light to find what you need.  I like it for hand quilting in the evening as my eyes are tired by then.  They come in four colors:  Red, White, Blue and Lime Green.  I think your non-quilter (AKA: husband) would love one as well for added light when doing his hobby or helping around the house on small jobs.  

Not too early to think about stocking stuffers for the kids and grandkids. 


What about clipped to the dog collar for the evening walk?