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Customer Appreciation

Lucille amazes us again...

Lucille 1Lucille 2










Lucille & jerry

Lucille & Jerry

These pix are of another quilt from wonderful Lucille. This was an amazing quilt/framed picture done on her embroidery machine on satin. She said "I know you will think I am crazy, but I felt HE was there with me while I worked on this."





Check out this beauty that a customer shared in the store


And another item..that we have to share is from a customer who brought this AMAZING quilt and allowed us to share it as a show and tell ...Marilyn and Elissa from Lenexa lovingly made this quilt together!

Women Who Inspire Me

I have long been inspired by other women. Women who seem to accomplish much more than I can even dream of, women who just keep doing when others give up, women who are just amazing. Miss Lucile is one such woman. I don't think she will be angry when I tell you that Miss Lucile is 92 years young.

LucileI say young because she really is young in heart and mind. Lucile lives alone, not in my town, but a town a few miles down the highway and she drives herself wherever she wants to go. She comes to the quilt shop on a regular basis and never misses an event or sale. She never misses an opportunity to inspire each and everyone of us.


She has told me on many occasions that when you stop using your mind, you will just die. You must keep learning new things and being active. Lucile has a computer and has learned to keep in touch with everything out in the cyberworld and the happenings at the shop. She keeps in touch with family and friends this way also. When she had learned that piece of equipment, Lucile bought herself an embroidery machine and proceeded to teach herself to use it. She has made some really amazing quilt with it. Not that her others are not amazing. These are some images of a baby quilt she made using her embroidery machine on rose cuddle fabric. She has made several using this method. Mothers with new babies love to receive a quilt from Lucile.

embroid oneembroid 2embroid 3


Lucile takes classes to keep up with the latest techniques and methods. She told me her goal is to make 100 quilts and to also win "Best of Show" at the county fair.I have some photos here of a quilt (unquilted) that she is entering in the fair tomorrow. silk 1County Fairsilk 3silk 2It is embroidered on silk and is absolutely beautiful. We will get some photos after the fair, hopefully, with her ribbon attached. Sorry some of the color is off but I was taking these with my phone. The quilt is truly beautiful and we wish Lucile the best of luck with the show. All the girls at the shop keep telling Lucile that they want to be her when they grow up. I just told her that I wanted to be able to quilt as she does. We are honored to call Lucile our friend. ~ Jerry




Another beauty and accolades for a customer



Wren Owen won 1st Place, Best in Show and Best Workmanship at her county fair. Kathy, our quilter, quilted it! Isn't it just awesome!

Wren Owen

Scrap wagon is full


vickey 2The last time I wrote, I told you there were woman who inspire me and I want to continue with the introductions. This time I want you to meet Vicky. She is married to a farmer and has a young son. Vicky is a very happy woman and seems to be always on the upside of life. I simply cannot remember a time when she was not happy. Her son is just a darling child who has learned that when he is out with his mother, he must behave. Many parents do not teach their children this valuable lesson. Vicky's love is scrap quilting. I do not know if her love of quilting with scraps comes from anything other than a real love of collecting a wide variety of fabrics, sorting them into containers by color, size and what other methods, but she certainly does a large amount of it. Also Vicky is extremely frugal! I just love when she comes to our Saturday Sampler meetings and brings beautiful quilts to show and tells the others that this quilt "cost me about $15 in fabric". Most of Vicky's fabric selections come from our scrap bin! This is a little red wagon with high sides and we often refer to it as Vicky's Wagon"Vicky's wagon", we even have pictures of her quilts over the wagon. The other quilters are usually a bit jealous of the gorgeous quilts but readily admit that they do not enjoy digging through all the scraps in their homes to find just the right piece. Recently she brought a pink quilt in Vickey Oneand she blew us away; it was NOT made only from scraps. She had actually bought some fat quarters to augment her scraps. Lest you think the quilt shop will close because of this frugal girl's quilting habits, fear not. Vicky always shops with us for her backings and they are as lovely as the tops. She has each quilt professionally quilted and then has truly a masterpiece to enjoy. Personally, it would make me want to take up drinking for a hobby if I had to go through all those little bitty pieces to make a quilt, but Vicky inspires me with her beautifully coordinated and expertly constructed quilts. Hey, Vicky B......the wagon's full, come on down!


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