Mysterious Sewing Society Club

This is something very NEW! 

The Mysterious Sewing Society CLUB!

Each month you will receive a mystery box that contains all sorts of wonderful quilt-y things.  #1.  A fully cut quilt kit!  Yes, fully cut.  This is just for those days when you need to just sew!  No cutting, no planning. no nothing but sewing.  

#2.  Each segment of the quilt will be divided into clues (just like the Mysterious Sewing Society retreats but in your own home).  If a step or clue might be more detailed or difficult, then there will also be a QR Code you can scan for a video on how to do it.

#3.  Each month you will also receive mystery prizes.  These may be notions, trinkets, treats of all kinds.  I have a cabinet just full of fun things I have found for you.  Almost like Christmas in your box.

#4.  Four times a year you will also receive a BACKING for the quilt.  Yes a full backing.  

To answer some of your questions.

Can you really make 12 quilts in a year.....? Of Course you can, these are already cut for you.

What size are they?  They will vary between lap/child/twin size.  Nothing advanced or hard.

What color will they be?  This will vary also.  They will be leaning close to scrappy but with a theme.

What is the cost and when will I receive this?  When you sign up you will be charged $99.99 for the first box.  It will NOT ship until Nov 15.  I cannot complete the cutting until I know how many want to play.  From that date, your next box will be charged the same price on the shipping date which will be the 15th of each month.  Box #2 will charge and ship on Dec 15, etc.

You will have 12 full quilts ready to gift at Christmas 2024 (unless you give one to Aunt Mary for her birthday).  

If this is not for you, no problem.  You may stop at any time.  

This is keep in mind.  There will be a limited number of boxes created, that will not vary.  If you stop your subscription, that box might be offered to the next person on the waiting list.  You can resubscribe and we will be happy to have you back, but only if there is an opening on the waiting list.  

Join today and let's spend this year getting to know each other and sewing together.  I will add a private facebook page for this CLUB, and if you want to join and chat with others, that is great.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, just decline the invitation.